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Beautiful new hand and foot print charmbeads

Just in time for Christmas we have developed a new charmbead, which fits all standard charmbead bracelets such as Pandora, Troll and Lovelinks........

These beautiful beads are just £45 and can be made using your child's unique handprint, footprint or even your pets pawprint!

Orders for our new charmbead can be placed in our online shop.

Mother’s Day: Beautiful Gifts and a Brief History

Until sitting down to write today, I didnt realise that Mothers Day and Mothering Sunday were, in fact, two different holidays. The former belongs to our American cousins, and has a rather lovely story behind it. Only officially established in 1914 – and held later in the year than our own celebration, Mothers Day was created by a lady named Anna Jarvis. Her own mother Ann, was by all accounts an amazingly compassionate and brilliant women. In the 1850s she founded a series of ‘MothersDay Work Clubs, to tackle living conditions in nearby towns, and to provide support for local mothers. 

At the end of the American Civil War, and with tensions rife, Ann also set up a ‘Mothers Friendship Dayfor soldiers from both sides and their families to reconcile past hurts. Two years after Anns death, Anna embarked upon a campaign to make Mothers Day a recognised holiday, in honour of her mum, and to encourage every family in every home to think about their own.

By contrast, our own Mothering Sunday goes back much, much further – to the 16th Century – and has its roots in religion, when on the fourth Sunday in Lent, church-goers would visit their ‘Motherchurch. Later, it became the day when domestic servants were allowed one day off to visit their church and gather with family – and this eventually mingled with the traditions of Mothers Day over the pond to evolve into the celebration that most of us now know today.

I love this time of year. Held in March, when Spring has arrived, Mothers Day has always been reminiscent of the scent of daffodils, gentle sunshine and the soft spice of a Simnel Cake. A time for mums to be treated to breakfast in bed, given hand-made cards and taken out to tea. That no matter where children are, be they in the same house or on the other side of the world, sons and daughters will visit, phone, Skype or write simply to say, ‘Hello. I love you. Thank you for being my mum.

Its the littlest things that make a difference on Mothers Day. Last year, Forbes reported a rise in emotional, personal gift giving. Rather than electronics or practical presents, were returning to handpicked gifts with meaning behind them – ones that touch the heart, spark a smile and that a mum can treasure for a lifetime.

One of the joys of running Silvertips are the stories we hear from our customers. Creating such personal jewellery means its wonderful to find out about the people behind the piece. The baby fingerprint charm for the Grannie who lives many miles away and has only met her granddaughter once – but will now have a piece of jewellery to treasure. The new father of twins, looking to make his wifes first Mothers Day gift extra special with a silver footprint pendant. The daughter whose mother has just lost her beloved four-legged companion – and who knows that a paw print bracelet will make her mum smile. Beautiful, truthful gifts that mean something – and that we feel honoured to create for our customers.

So, we have a while until this Mothers Day (Sunday 30th March, just in case youve mislaid the diary!). Have you got any plans so far? Whatever they may be – and no matter how near or far you are – we hope that your day will be full of happiness, laughter, love and appreciation.

New Cut Out Footprint Charm

Silver Cut Out Footprint Charm.

In the Silvertips workshop we have been working hard on new jewellery to add to our collections, the first one to have come out of the workshop is this beautiful cut out footprint charm (A handprint version will be along soon). 

The cut out charm reflects the shape of each individual baby/child's footprint and is handmade in pure silver.

We can add your child's initial to the reverse of the footprint charm, to make it even more personal. The silver charm measures approx 20mm in length. The RRP for the cut out cut silver charm is £39.00 and delivery takes 4 weeks from when we receive your print impressions back. 

Footprint Charm

Popular Babies Names 2012

Ever since we started Silvertips we have become obsessed with children's names, Evie seems the most popular girls name and Charlie is still a firm favourite judging by the orders we have taken in 2012.

The top 100 most popular baby names in 2012 have been announced. Harry takes the top spot for the boys (Prince Harry and Harry Styles may be the reason why?) and there is a new contender for the top spot for the girls with Amelia topping the list. 

Traditional names dominate the top ten - perhaps the Royal Wedding and Jubilee influencing parent's choices. For girls there is a trend for names ending in 'a' - such as Sophia, Mia and Olivia. Biblical names are popular and using surnames as first names is a new trend for 2012. The name Cameron has fallen down the list this year!

One syllable names that can't be shortened are rising in popularity reflecting a trend for unfussy yet pretty girl's names. For boys names ending in an 'ee' sound continue to be popular - such as Frankie, Tommy, Louie and Bobby. Hugo makes a new entry into the top 100.

Olympic fever seems to have inspired baby name choices too with Jessica and Louis entering the list.



Top 20 baby boy names 2012

1.       Harry

2.       Jack

3.       Oliver

4.       Charlie

5.       James

6.       George

7.       Thomas

8.       Ethan

9.       Jacob

10.    William

11.    Daniel

12.    Joshua

13.    Max

14.    Noah

15.    Alfie

16.    Samuel

17.    Dylan

18.    Oscar

19.    Lucas

20.    Aiden

Top 20 baby girls names 2012

1.       Amelia

2.       Lily

3.       Emily

4.       Sophia

5.       Isabelle

6.       Sophie

7.       Olivia

8.       Jessica

9.       Chloe

10.    Mia

11.    Isla

12.    Isabella

13.    Ava

14.    Charlotte

15.    Grace

16.    Evie

17.    Poppy

18.    Lucy

19.    Ella

20.    Holly

Cash For Schools With Silvertips

Cash For schools.

Here at Silvertips we are working generously nationwide with schools, playgroups, clubs and nurseries to help with their fundraising, we have already raised a substantial amount for the schools that have taken up the scheme over the last 12 months. For every order placed with Silvertips for our fingerprint, hand and footprint jewellery, each school will get a donation of £5.00.

How it works.

Sounds great, but what does the school have to do? It's very simple. We will provide you with leaflets to place in the book bags of each child or we can supply an email for you to send out to parents. That's all you have to do (except bank the fundraising cheque when it arrives!). We take care of everything else.

Here at Silvertips we are working generously nationwide with schools, playgroups and nurseries to help with fundraising, we have already raised a substantial amount for the schools that have taken up the scheme. For every order placed with Silvertips, each school will receive a donation of £5.00

Sounds great, but what does the school have to do? It's very simple. We will provide you with leaflets to place in the book bags of each child or we can supply an email for you to send out to parents. That's all you have to do (except bank the fundraising cheque when it arrives!)

Will the parents be put under any pressure to buy? No, the leaflet or email explains that the school will raise £5 for every order that they place. If the parents choose to place an order, they simply select the school from the dropdown list on the order page to ensure that the school receives the donation.

For more details on cash for schools, please email

Cash For Schools

Pet Pawprints

At Silvertips we don't only use children's fingerprints and hand/foot prints, one of our most popular styles of jewellery is our pawprint jewellery.

We all love our pets (We have a labrador and two cats at home!) and so far we have made jewellery using prints from dogs, cats, hamsters, pet rats, rabbits and even guinea pigs!

We use the same process to take pet impressions as we do for children's hands or feet, so its quick and easy to use with no mess!

Or alternatively we can use any print you can get to us (We have used paper, photos and even a towel in the past), along as we can scan it we can use it to create a beautiful piece of jewellery using your pets pawprint!

All our jewellery is made with the greatest care and attention in our dedicated jewellery workshop. The names on the front of each piece of pawprint jewellery is hand carved and we can add a special message or date to the reverse if you like.

Pawprint Jewellery

Hand and Footprint Jewellery

Our Silvertips range also includes hand & foot print jewellery, perfect for if your child is too young to have a developed fingerprint. (Normally under 12 months.)

 The hand or foot print can then be used to make virtually any item of jewellery, the prints are taken using an easy to use wipe and reactive paper.

 Handmade in pure solid silver Equinox's Silvertips range of fingerprint jewellery has something for everyone- cufflinks, dog tags and key rings for proud dads and grandads. As well as charms, bracelets, bangles and necklaces for mums and grandmas everywhere. Names can be hand carved next to the fingerprint and a short message, date or age can be added by hand to the reverse of the jewellery. Prices for hand/foot print jewellery start at £44.00 and take 4 weeks to make.

Hand and foot print jewellery

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